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Break-Free - An Energy Healing + Release Cord Cutting Experience

Date & Time

Sat, Jun 17 2023 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm

(GMT )


Awakenings Wellness Center, 1016 SE 12th Avenue, Portland, United States
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Event Details

A full body release + energy healing experience to forgive be in gratitude and fully surrender the past to invite in authentic connection.

Relax release burdens and clear attachments to people relationships + events still influencing your emotions actions + wellbeing to moving forward. 

Held on 17 June as well if you cannot make this date!!

This energy healing session includes guided visualization + light movement is for you if you are ready to: 

  • Release a past relationship or person in love.
  • Clear attachment + entanglement from a current relationship or person for healthy authentic relating moving forward.
  • Release emotional wounds + scars hindering full emotional availability.
  • Lighten up let-go of heavy energy call in what you desire next.

Leave this heart healing experience energetically tuned up and connected to a renewed vision of yourself and how you relate to others.

Benefits of A Cord-Cutting/Energy Clearing Experience:

  1. Emotional freedom: helps you release negative feelings and past hurt
  2. Closure: Move on opening to a new experience 
  3. Increased self-awareness: gain insight into patterns + how to heal and clear them
  4. Improved relationships: improve your overall well-being and allow for more positive relationships in the future
  5. Increased energy: release unconscious ties + drains on your energy

This is perfect for anyone in or recently gone through a life transition setting new boundaries and parameters of what you are allowing into your life next. 

About the Facilitator

Salenta Fox is a self-realization guide + galactic channel. She is an energy healer meditation and event facilitator and has been coaching individuals and couples for 10+ years on connecting to your deepest self love conscious relationship + intimacy topics.

Find her here:

Social Media/YouTube: @SalentaFox


Space is limited to 20 + getting your ticket now reserves your spot.

Bring a blanket + pillow. (Optional)

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SoulExpanded by Salenta Fox

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